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Scene Summaries
The Cordano Love Lounge

Scene Summaries By Season
These are awfully time-consuming, since they include the exact dialogue of each scene.  Due to bandwidth limits, I will be limiting the scene summaries to the good Corday & Romano scenes *only*.  No pointless scenes, no Romano only or Elizabeth only scene recaps.
For more comprehensive summaries, visit Television Without Pity.

Miscellaneous Scene Summaries
Okay, there's just one right now, so I'll put it here...since there's not really anywhere else to put it.  Enjoy!  I sure did!

Click the pic to see the Bloopers Video Clip

Dateline NBC Special on ER's 200th Episode
Airdate:  May 6, 2003
This is from the Bloopers and Outtakes segment near the end of the show...
We see the scene from 5.21, "Responsible Parties", when Romano comes out of the lounge (after blessing out Benton for applying for the trauma fellowship without telling him) and Elizabeth is waiting for him. (Earlier in the episode, Romano offered the cardio/thorasic fellowship to Elizabeth in surgery.) He hears her voice ask, "Were you serious?" He stops, just inches from her face, and asks, "What?" Elizabeth stays totally austere and repeats herself, "The offer you made today. Were you serious?"


PM is looking into AK's eyes, then almost imperceptibly looks at her lips...then lunges at her, growling, in the clip we saw in the promo. Her mouth opens in shock as he plants a big wet one on her. The force of the pounce propels them off screen, and her gasp of surprise turns into a rather...intense moan. A few seconds later, you hear her giggle and a guy off-screen yell, "Yeah, baBY!" as PM struts back into the view of the camera, grinning like a schoolboy after his first playground kiss.

Camera cut to PM sitting in a chair for the interview, saying, "What's fun about Alex is, if you do something a little off [camera cuts to slow-mo of the kiss again], just for fun, [he starts talking like AK here -- high voice, British accent, facial expressions, hand gestures, the whole nine yards -- as the camera goes back to him] she just gets completely flummoxed, and doesn't know what to do, and, 'Oh! Stop!'"

Camera cut to AK sitting in a chair for the interview with a HUGE grin on her face, and she's talking exactly like PM just did when he was making fun of her. "I was so shocked! I wasn't expecting him to do that." Then she giggles
Heck, I would too.