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The Cordano Timeline
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What happened when?

Season 4

4.1  Ambush
Alex Kingston's/Elizabeth Corday's first episode.

4.5  Good Touch, Bad Touch
Paul McCrane/Robert "Rocket" Romano's first episode. Elizabeth tells Benton that Romano is sponsoring her "BTA" (Been To America) fellowship in the US, and introduces the two.

4.6  Ground Zero
Romano finds Elizabeth, telling her that he not only has a candidate for her study, but he has the guy all prepped and found a femur in the morgue for her.  She gushes her thanks and he says, "Hey, who looks out for ya?", touches her hip, and exits.  Romano and Elizabeth operate together and Benton is jealous because he was not asked to assist. Benton leads Elizabeth to believe that she can operate alone, and she gets blessed out by Anspaugh for performing an unassisted appendectomy.

4.8  Freak Show
Shirtless Romano! He and Benton discuss working together, and Romano says that to be on his surgical team, you have to be "compatible with Lizzie Corday". He and Elizabeth operate on a boy with situs inversus (his internal organs are flipped around) and Romano comments that there is a mirror on the ceiling of his bedroom.  When Benton refuses, Romano has Elizabeth get permission from the family to perform an autopsy on the child.

4.9 Obstruction of Justice
Romano, Elizabeth, and Benton perform surgery on Alison Beaumont's leg.  The surgery is not progressing quickly enough - Romano wants to "bail" and Elizabeth says that they are almost there.  Later, Alison nosedives and they have to crack her chest.  Romano tells Elizabeth to start CPR, and when Elizabeth stands there in shock, Romano yells at her: "Get on it, Corday!"

4.10  Do You See What I See?
Romano helps Elizabeth carry her luggage down the hall, and asks her to assist on Alison's second leg surgery. Alison comes out fine, but cannot speak.  Elizabeth cancels her Christmas trip to England to stay with her, and Romano asks Elizabeth out for the first time (scene summary).

4.11  Think Warm Thoughts
Romano comments on Elizabeth's Mustang.  Later, Elizabeth goes over Romano's head when he does not want to operate on Allison's vocal cords. He gets angry and chews her out in an ICU waiting room, then semi-apologizes in the scrub room.  She asks if they are "all right", and Romano replies: "Lizzie.  You and I are a match made in heaven."

4.12  Sharp Relief
Romano gives Elizabeth permission to assist with Alison's vocal cord surgery, and tells Benton that he would rather look at Elizabeth's "baby blues" over the operating table.  Elizabeth and Benton go on their first date.

4.15  Exodus
Elizabeth plays with paramedics, and rescues Leo (who's arm was horribly crushed in the collapsed building).  Romano greets her in the scrub room ("Here's our little action hero!") and tells her he does not think he can save Leo's arm.  When Elizabeth asks him to try, he exits the scrub room spouting random jargon like, "No holds barred!" and "110%".  They have to amputate Leo's arm anyway.

4.16  My Brother's Keeper
The Sun-Times does a newspaper write-up of Elizabeth's rescue, and Romano comically reads the article to her.  She says that she read the article, and he comments that she probably bought out the newsstand.  (psst!  Rocket!  That was you, remember?)  "Not a very good picture of you, though." he comments, and she retorts with, "Well, we can't all have *your* devastating good looks, now can we?"  Romano gives Elizabeth her six-month evaluation - she thought it was bad, but he thought he was generous.  "Let me make something clear.  I'm your biggest fan.  If I didn't think you showed great potential, I never would have sponsored you in the first place."  He then says he wants her to join him on a HemoAid (fake blood) study.  Later in the episode, Elizabeth comments on Romano's "pragmatic jaw" to Benton.

4.17  A Bloody Mess
Elizabeth starts her own ER HemoAid study, and uses it on a patient without consent.  Romano is angry because she did not inform him about her study, and offers her a much larger part in his study.  Romano channels Darth Vader a little as he tells her, "If you join me, you'll jump the ladder from worker bee to queen bee."

4.18  Gut Reaction
Elizabeth apparently rejects Romano's offer and continues with her study.  She remains concerned about the status her Romano-sponsored fellowship, and tells Benton she does not want to return to England, (where she was offered a Senior Lecturer position).

4.19  Shades of Gray
Elizabeth and Romano finish a surgery in record time, and he takes her to breakfast off-screen.  ("Well, looks like a crueller and a Coke is all we have time for," he says as he pats her on the lower back and walks off with a jovial, "My Treat!")  Later they work on Alison Beaumont again.  Now a paramedic, Alison was buried under the rubble of an abortion clinic bombing.  This time Elizabeth barely pulls her through the surgery (going above and beyond after Romano tells her to call time of death).  Later, he invites her out for a drink (scene summary), but she is exhausted and declines.

4.20  Of Past Regret and Future Fear
Romano catches Elizabeth on the elevator and asks her to lunch Doc Magoo's (scene summary) to discuss her HemoAid study..."and the future".  At lunch, he asks her on a date (scene summary) but she declines, saying she is flattered and shocked but she thinks it would be unwise, since she works for him.

4.21  Suffer the Little Children
Romano walks in on Elizabeth and Benton kissing in the men's locker room - they wonder if he saw them.  Romano asks her, "Have you given any more thought to that impressive offer you got recently?"  She replies, "Which impressive offer?"  Romano clarifies that he's talking about the Lecturer position in England, which she denied.  He tells her that "takes guts.  You don't know if you have a future here."  Elizabeth takes this to mean Romano knows she and Benton are dating, and gripes to Benton.  When Benton confronts Romano in the cafeteria, Romano says he had no idea they were having an affair...but he does now.  He gives his congratulations to Benton, and tells him he made an "Excellent Choice".

4.22  A Hole in the Heart
Romano discontinues Elizabeth's fellowship by letter - he is at a conference in Costa Rica.



Season 5

5.2  Split Second
(Scene Summaries)  Romano apologizes for not renewing Elizabeth's fellowship, and has uncomfortable words with her father.  Romano assists Elizabeth on an AESOP (laser robot) procedure, and Elizabeth decides to do another internship so she can stay in Chicago.  She calls him "Robert" for the first time - when he comments that he couldn't work with family, she retorts, "Robert, you can't work with anyone."  Lots of hurt in his eyes, but she does not see.

5.4  Vanishing Act
Intern Elizabeth is assigned to DaleTheWeasel, who treats her like an intern in every way (even expecting her to wear the short coat).  During surgery with Romano, Benton, and Weasel, Romano defends Elizabeth against Weasel's tirade and tells him to "stop picking on her".  (scene summaries)  He later compliments her "fortitude" and tells her she can wear the long coat, because "it looks better on [her]".

5.5  Masquerade
(Scene Summaries)  Elizabeth sings "Shahft".  Bwah!  Romano, Benton, and Weasel operate on an 11-year-old girl after a car accident, and Elizabeth comes back from the path lab with bad news - Barbie is a boy on the inside.

5.6  Stuck On You
Elizabeth requests her intern assignment to be changed from Weasel to Benton, and Anspaugh agrees - not knowing she and Benton are dating.

5.7  Hazed and Confused
Elizabeth almost kills a patient because she has been on shift so long - exhaustion has taken over.

5.9  Good Luck, Ruth Johnson
Romano gives Elizabeth an intense good luck hug before her M&M (scene summary). Later, Elizabeth breaks up with Benton, saying they "would be better off as friends".

5.10  The Miracle Worker
It's the Surgeon's Society Gala on Christmas Eve, and Romano is thrilled to sit next to Elizabeth - he even gives hints as to what she should wear (scene summary), but she goes out to dinner with Hot Trumpet Man instead. Romano comes back to the OR - drunk and angry that Elizabeth never showed up (he thinks it's Benton's fault), and yelling at Benton for operating without an attending. He takes a swing at Benton before falling and hitting his head.

5.11  Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee
Anspaugh "admire"s Elizabeth's "directness" and tells her he will attach a cover letter to her paper on exhaustion before submitting it to any medical journal she likes.

5.12  Double Blind
Romano tells Elizabeth that he is working on getting her fellowship back (scene summary). Maggie Doyle accuses Romano of sexual harassment, Elizabeth defends him ("whoever's complaining may be too fragile to practice medicine") and offers to buy Kerry breakfast the next day so they can discuss the investigation.

5.13  Choosing Joi
Elizabeth and Kerry have coffee in Doc's, and Elizabeth tells Kerry that Romano has a little crunch on her.  After a run-in with Romano, Elizabeth tells Kerry she's backing out of the investigation - she believes her testimony would not help or hurt Maggie's claim.  The case is dropped, and Romano offers his services as Acting Chief of the ER.

5.14  The Storm
Romano's first day as AC does not go over well with the attendings.  Kerry calls him a "bullet head" behind his back, but he overhears - and responds calmly (quotes).  Elizabeth and Romano squabble over "freeloaders" and Romano gives Benton the idea to go to the Middle of Nowhere.

5.15  The Storm - Part 2
Elizabeth and Romano briefly discuss a girl who is about to lose her leg in surgery.

5.16  Middle of Nowhere
Romano informs Benton that he will be going to Mississippi, not Minnesota for his two-week trip.  Elizabeth helps Reese talk to Benton over the video phone.

5.17  Sticks and Stones
Elizabeth and Carol discuss Mahk's concern for Carol (with Doug gone) and Carol tells Elizabeth she's having a baby.

5.18  Point of Origin
Elizabeth and Carol talk about babies, and Mahk coerces Elizabeth to un-discharge a patient.  Elizabeth tells Benton she is applying for a trauma fellowship (through Kerry - Romano has no idea) for the summer, and Benton applies so he can spend more time with Reese.  Romano and Benton leave surgery together, and Elizabeth's eyes follow Romano before she lights into Benton for encroaching on her trauma fellowship.  "I know you love your son, but don't use him as an excuse to screw me over!"

5.19  Rites of Spring
Romano assigns a high school student to Carter.  Elevator scene:  Elizabeth and Romano discuss the trauma fellowship; Romano says she has a "fighting chance" and Elizabeth said she thought so too - before Benton threw his hat into the ring.  Romano didn't know he'd applied, and gets a little miffed.  Elizabeth and Mahk crash a wedding together (their first date).

5.20  Power
Romano has elaborate Mother's Day plans and asks Mahk if he's ever fantasized about Elizabeth.  Later, Benton, Romano, and Elizabeth operate on Laurie with no power and Elizabeth saves her after Benton steps out.  Romano tells Elizabeth he is willing to make himself scarce to keep her in surgery (scene summary).

5.21  Responsible Parties
Romano offers the cardio/thorasic fellowship to Elizabeth during surgery, saying he can sneak in a late application.  Anspaugh chooses Benton for the trauma fellowship, and Elizabeth asks Romano if he was serious about offering her the cardio/thorasic fellowship.

5.22  Getting to Know You
Elizabeth gives Carol an ultrasound (she's having twins!).  Romano instituted a phone code system in the ER to control personal calls, and Anspaugh is furious.  Romano, Elizabeth, and Benton operate together, and Romano gets rude regarding the C/T fellowship.  As Elizabeth and Romano scrub for an appendectomy, Elizabeth chews him out, telling him it was "bad form" to bring the fellowship up in front of Benton.  Anspaugh bursts into the scrub room and proceeds to dress Romano down, telling him he can put his phone code system "where the sun don't..."  "Got it!"  Romano interrupts.  Anspaugh exits, and Elizabeth flashes a gleeful sideways grin at Romano.  He returns the smile, with a cute "Point taken."



Season 6

6.1  Leave It to Weaver
Paul McCrane is in the opening credits, Romano becomes Chief of Staff, and Elizabeth thinks of moving to Rush because she is not sure if she can count on Romano to follow through with his fellowship offer.

6.2  Last Rites
Romano promotes Elizabeth to Associate Chief of Surgery, without asking her first. Mmmm, Tuxedo Romano.

6.3  Greene with Envy
At Romano's request, Elizabeth takes a newspaper reporter on a hospital tour.  They also discuss a surgery scheduling conflict (scene summary).

6.4  Sins of the Fathers
The newspaper story did not paint County (or the staff) in a positive light, and Romano and Elizabeth scuffle over it.  Romano asks Elizabeth to tell Anspaugh to stop scheduling his own surgeries, and she tells him off - only to discover Romano wanted Fridays off...nothing else.  There's also a new mirror in the scrub room, courtesy His Highness.

6.5  Truth & Consequences
Romano tells "Marky" that "they're looking for a sacrificial lamb, and right now...I gotta tell you, you look pretty wooly!"

6.6  The Peace of Wild Things
Romano asks Elizabeth how much she would pay for his sperm - he's being recruited by an elite sperm bank (scene summary).

6.7  Humpty Dumpty
Elizabeth coerces a confession from a patient, Romano quietly tells her she may need to rethink her actions, and tells her, "You never fail to impress me.  I didn't think you had it in you to cross that line".

6.8  Great Expectations
Elizabeth is forced to entertain Mahk's father and Rachel on Thanksgiving when Mahk goes to play labor coach for Carol

6.9  How the Finch Stole Christmas
We see Romano's house - fancy thing, isn't it? He implants an L-VAD device into Lucy's patient, while Elizabeth struggles with Dean Rollins, the Evil Patient from last week.

6.10  Family Matters
Romano practically begs Elizabeth to coerce more information from Evil Patient, and she shoots him (the patient!) full of morphine.

6.11  The Domino Heart
Romano gets carried away by Carnies (or Circus People, whatever - po-tay-to, po-tah-to). Elizabeth walks away from Evil Patient for the last time, and Romano is kind to Lucy when L-VAD girl dies.

6.12  Abby Road
Romano keels over in the OR (with a kidney stone), and Elizabeth rushes over to take care of him, cradling his head.  If only he had awaken!

6.13  Be Still My Heart
Romano & Elizabeth operate on Gretel, Romano's dog. After the surgery, Romano meets Elizabeth's mom and accidentally insults her. Romano tells Shirley that he lives alone and she snarks "Maybe if you showed as much compassion for people as you do for...never mind".  Hee!

6.14  All in the Family
Despite their best efforts, Romano & Elizabeth fail to save Lucy's life. (Very intense Cordano scenes in this one - quiet hallway reassurances, he touches her arm, hand, waist, there is no more than 4" between them in one hallway scene).

6.15  Be Patient
No Romano.  Elizabeth discovers her mother spent the night with Mahk's father, which understandably grosses her out.

6.16  Under Control
Again, No Romano.  Elizabeth's mom hints about Elizabeth's future with Mahk, and Elizabeth gets grossed out again and halts the conversation.  Later, Elizabeth's mom blows off their coffee date.  She's high-tailed it back to England.

6.17  Viable Options
Romano tells us that he has a niece, and suspends Kerry. Elizabeth advises David Greene on his cancer and quarrels with Luka over a kidney.

6.18  Match Made in Heaven
Elizabeth, Cleo, and Benton disagree (Elizabeth is right, and proves she's Romano's MMIH by "pulling rank" - scene summary).  Romano makes Luka ER Chief until Kerry is un-suspended (in the next episode).

6.19  The Fastest Year
Elizabeth treats a leukemia patient and Romano makes sure Kerry remembers hes the boss.

6.20  Loose Ends
Romano and Chen disagree on genetic testing, and she blackmails him into signing a petition.  Elizabeth accepts Mahk's mother's pearls from David Greene.

6.21  Such Sweet Sorrow
Elizabeth saves Abby and Daves patient, and reams them out afterwards

6.22  May Day
Romano corrals Elizabeth into surgery as she tries to leave with Mark, and no one tells Romano about Carter's drug abuse.



Season 7

7.1  Homecoming
Romano and Elizabeth interview Benton for an Attending position, and Elizabeth is a little itchy - she has poison ivy on her hands.  Romano later finishes the interview in the men's room, and tells Benton he let Elizabeth sit in on the first half "to make her feel important".

7.2  Sand and Water
Elizabeth begins to exhibit shrew-like behavior (because she's spending too much time with Mahk and not enough time with Romano) and tells Mahk he's "not fast enough".  Ummm...obviously, there's a Rocket who might be fast enough for you.  Later, she gets a move-in together/marriage proposal from Mahk.  Romano tries to street Mr. Fletcher, Benton gets angry, and gets Romano in trouble with EMTALA.

7.3  Mars Attacks
Romano fires Benton ("you fired yourself"), Elizabeth shows off her engagement ring to Carter while Mahk tells him that they bought a house.

7.4  Benton Backwards
Elizabeth tells Benton that she told Romano off (off-screen) about firing Benton, and Benton can't get a job in Chicago because Romano is too powerful.

7.5  Flight of Fancy
Romano puts Benton in charge of the ER for the day, and Elizabeth witnesses a wedding between a terminal patient and his fiancee.

7.6  The Visit
Elizabeth rushes through Mr. Patterson's back surgery against Romano's wishes, and Mr. Patterson is paralyzed.

7.7  Rescue Me
Romano blesses Elizabeth out because Patterson is paralyzed now, then leaves the office with STD (Stunning Trophy Date). Elizabeth finds out Ella is on her way!

7.8  The Dance We Do
Elizabeth sits through a horrible deposition, then finds out Mahk is going to die.

7.9  The Greatest of Gifts
Romano and Benton scuffle over sisters, and Elizabeth goes to New York so Mahk can die.

7.10  Piece of Mind
Elizabeth scrubs in on Mahk's tumor resection. Romano and Benton argue over a patient. What's new?

7.11  Rock, Paper, Scissors
Romano rescues Elizabeth when she struggles with an operation.

7.12  Surrender
Elizabeth freaks out in surgery again, as Romano watches silently. He elects not to rescue her this time, and she pulls through.

7.13  Thy Will Be Done
Romano mocks Mahk, and Elizabeth helps a heart transplant kid.

7.14  A Walk in the Woods
Romano interviews potential medical students with Coburn and Benton, and Elizabeth bites Kerry's head off.

7.15  The Crossing
Ella tries to come a few months early while Elizabeth is trying to amputate a man's legs in the field.

7.16  Witch Hunt
Romano gives Elizabeth a rest from her surgical duties against her wishes, and she scares him into letting her operate again.

7.17 Survival of the Fittest
Romano and Elizabeth squabble, and as a peace offering, Romano sends Elizabeth pizza and Cherry Garcia ice cream at the end of the episode. Elizabeth officially goes on maternity leave.

7.18  April Showers
Elizabeth and Mahk's wedding day. Romano shows up with STD (Stunning Trophy Date), and slips into the bride's waiting room.  He tells her she looks beautiful, and sighs that Mahk is a lucky man (scene summary).

7.19 Sailing Away
Ella is born!

7.20 Fear of Committment
Romano takes over Benton's surgery when he discovers Benton was operating with a broken wrist.

7.21 Where The Heart Is

7.22 Rampage
Elizabeth is still on maternity leave, and Romano gets all concerned when CrazedGunmanFossen might be after his Lizzie.



Season 8

8.1 Four Corners
Romano preps Mahk for his M&M on the Fossen case.  Elizabeth questions Mahk in the M&M, and realizes Mahk killed Fossen in the elevator.

8.2  The Longer You Stay
Elizabeth is embarassed when Romano notices she's leaking breast milk in the OR.

8.3  Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
Behind Benton's back, Romano signs, "Take care of your father" to Reese.  RacHell moves into Greene Gables, and Elizabeth was not consulted first, so she's a little unhappy.

8.4  Never Say Never
Elizabeth listens to Mozart as she operates on Kenny (Romano prefers classical as well). Romano has their picture snapped together over Kenny's body and declares, "This one's for the coffee table!"

8.5 Start All Over Again
Elizabeth's "Angel Of Death" plot begins with Romano noticing her third post-op death in one week (he calls it a "hat trick"). Romano tells Benton and Elizabeth that he does not have any children.

8.6 Supplies and Demand
A criminal investigation is started on Elizabeth, the County Health guy freaks Elizabeth out, and Romano kicks him out of his office.

8.7 If I Should Fall From Grace
Elizabeth thinks Babcock is the Angel, and they have a heated argument in Romano's office. Babcock accuses Elizabeth of "crying" to Romano when she needs someone to blame for her post-op deaths, and Romano gets tired of the fight and bans them both from surgery until the CDC clears them.

8.8 Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain
Romano finishes a hysterectomy (off-screen) as a result of Kerry's field c-section.

8.9 Quo Vadis?
The Angel of Death plot is mysteriously dropped, as Elizabeth is back in surgery.

8.10  I'll Be Home For Christmas
Romano refuses to help Benton and Elizabeth save Benton's last patient at County, a boy full of bullet shards.

8.11  Beyond Repair
Elizabeth tells Mahk not to search RacHell's personal belongings.  Bad idea...

8.12  A River in Egypt
Romano settles a fight between Kerry and Chen, and makes a lovely snark about Kerry not wearing her pager.  Elizabeth wants to send RacHell to boarding school.

8.13  Damage is Done
RacHell feeds Baby Ella some Ecstasy, Elizabeth is barfy but rushes Ella to County anyway. Romano tells Susan he's in the Polar Bear Club, and later shoves Babcock out of Ella's PICU room.

8.14 A Simple Twist of Fate
Ella is much better, and Elizabeth moves out because Mahk refuses to send Rachel back to St. Louis.

8.15  It's All In Your Head
Romano dumps some of Benton's old paperwork on Elizabeth, and Mahk finds out he is dying...again. (WooHoo! *ahem*)

8.16  Secrets and Lies
Thanks to the gossipy nurses, the whole ER seems to know that Elizabeth moved out of Greene Gables.  Malik's right: "She's too much woman for him."

8.17  Bygones
Romano and Elizabeth operate on Diana, and he wheedles Elizabeth until he finds out that she and Mahk are still fighting. Later, The First Lounge Scene: Elizabeth vents, Romano listens. He is The Good Man that tells her to go home to her dying hubby (scene summary).

8.19 Brothers and Sisters
Elizabeth is about to operate with Romano, but Rachel calls from Hawaii to tell her Mahk is almost dead. Romano tells her to take all the time she needs, and asks if there is anything he can do. Elizabeth asks him to pray.

8.20  The Letter
Elizabeth sends a fax (!) to the ER to let everyone know Mahk is dead. Romano stabs a tube into a man's throat to make a "field airway". Ew. He then reads the letter and is slightly sad, but not too much because Elizabeth is single again.

8.21 On The Beach
Elizabeth goes to Hawaii, where Mahk dies. Funeral scene -- Elizabeth cries, Romano is there. At the funeral, that is. Not with her. Not yet, anyway.

8.22  Lockdown
Romano tosses a Thoroseal down to Kerry in the ambulance bay, then refuses to play in the smallpox with Carter and Abby.



Season 9

9.1  Chaos Theory
Romano's left arm gets cut off right above the elbow in a nasty rooftop/helicopter scene. Elizabeth is in England, practicing at her father's hospital, and decides to move back to Chicago by the end of the episode.

9.2  Dead Again
Elizabeth visits Romano in physical therapy and the sparks begin to fly! "The one face I missed seeing in recovery", he tells her.

9.5 A Hopeless Wound
Romano removes a pig's gall bladder with one hand and gets bad news concerning his surgical future (20% chance of recovery). He winks at Elizabeth during a trauma (she does not see), and she gets very concerned when Lily's arm-bump doubles Romano over in pain. Elizabeth accidentally drops her wedding ring down the sink in the scrub room, then operates with Weasel (under Romano's watchful eye). Lounge Scene: Elizabeth reassures Romano, and he caresses her face. Her pager interrupts this tender moment, and she rushes to the ER. As Elizabeth is leaving for the day, Romano stops her and returns her wedding ring (he fished it out with a laproscopic camera and a snare) and semi-apologizes for the face touching, calling it a "momentary weakness".

9.6 One Can Only Hope
Elizabeth's med student with Parkinson's disease complained to Romano because Elizabeth was treating him special. Romano accuses Elizabeth of having a problem with doctors with disabilities, and she answers with an incredibly flirty face, "only on a case-by-case basis". Translation? She has a problem with Nathan, but none with the beautiful bald man in front of her. In a meeting later in the day, he tells Abby, "You're all suckers for the accent!" (Pot? This is Kettle. You are black.) Elizabeth tells a teenage patient that she doesn't "care for the hairy ones".

9.7 Tell Me Where It Hurts
Romano is MIA and Elizabeth makes Nathan scrub in on a Whipple for an Old Man.  Nathan almost kills Old Man, and Elizabeth tells him that he will fail his surgical rotation unless he promises her he will never practice clinical medicine.  He refuses, and she says, "Then you will fail, Mr. Nathan."

9.8 First Snowfall
Elizabeth and Nathan go onto the roof to meet a helicopter. She reminds him not to pick up anything he drops and to "stay clear of the tail rotor" (the only reference to Romano we get this episode).  Elizabeth tells Nathan that she keeps her word - he failed his rotation.

9.9 Next of Kin
Directed by Paul McCrane.  Elizabeth operates on a man who has a trans-gender son.

9.10 Hindsight
Romano makes fun of Frank and walks Luka down the hall after he comes in injured.  Elizabeth is MIA.

9.11 A Little Help From My Friends
Romano sits in on Luka's M&M and later gets mean with Luka when he catches him with the victim's family.  Elizabeth is *still* MIA.

9.12 A Saint in the City
Romano sucks up to the Alderman and threatens to remove Luka's spleen.  Elizabeth fusses at Luka and sounds a lot like Romano.

9.13 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Romano smooches Kerry at the ER admit desk, and drops his coffee while in the lounge with Gallant.  A doc tells him that he's lucky to have what he has, and can't expect a full recovery.  A new surgeon ("Fast Eddie") flirts with and winks at Elizabeth in the OR.  In Romano's OR, he supervises as a resident screws up and when he tries to take over, makes the situation worse.  Shirley wants to call for Elizabeth, but Romano is being a typical man and won't accept help.  Elizabeth comes in anyway, gets all worried, and Romano barks for her to leave.  Later, Fast Eddie shows up in the ER and asks Elizabeth out -- she declines.  Elizabeth and Romano have another argument in recovery, and he goes up to the roof.  After being yelled at by the resident, Romano looks over the side of the roof and throws his scrub cap over.  It's sad.

9.14  No Strings Attached
Romano comes into the ER for a surgical consult, tells a scared teen that "Rocket Romano never lets anything happen to pretty girls like you", and gets kicked out of the trauma room by Anspaugh -- he replies by kicking a garbage can down the hall.  He underhandedly insults Kerry with a comment about him having "two good legs".  Tortured by Kerry's promotion and Anspaugh's refusal to keep him in surgery, Romano takes the first flight to Atlanta to be comforted in my arms.  No?  Well, that's what should have happened.

9.15  A Boy Falling Out of the Sky
No Romano or Elizabeth.  Maybe they took a cruise together.

9.16  A Thousand Cranes
Elizabeth hints to Pratt that she is not against racial profiling.  Romano took the day off, because the script sucked.

9.17  The Advocate
Romano gets his left arm caught in a gurney, and doesn't feel it until Gallant brings it to his attention.  Then he gets demoted from Chief of Chief of Staff.  Then Elizabeth bandages up his arm (
scene summary).  Meanwhile, Elizabeth treats a psycho girl and operates on the Alderman's boyfriend.

9.18  Finders Keepers
Romano's first day as official ER Chief, and he makes enemies with everyone.  Except Elizabeth, who I really think is starting to warm up to him.  (
scene summary)

9.19  Things Change
Romano assigns a whole new passel of med students to Carter, hits on Luka's Croatian surgeon friend Gordana, and hops into Carter's trauma.  Elizabeth and Romano Snark-Flirt in the suture room, then in the hall, and again in Trauma Green.  Romano gets puked on, and when Gallant helps him take off his lab coat, we're greeted with a nasty ulcer.  Eww.  Since Elizabeth wouldn't take Gassy Girl up to surgery, Romano hooks Gordana into doing a surgical procedure on her in the ER.  The woman barely pulls through, but Elizabeth will have to go back and do an open laparotomy.  Suture room scene!  Elizabeth walks in on Romano debriding his own ulcer, she takes over, they snark at each other, and they mention a "definitive surgical cure".  Read:  amputation.  *sniff*  (scene summaries)

9.20  Foreign Affairs
Romano treats a baseball player and goes home for the day.  In his kitchen, he gets distracted while putting a kettle on the stove, his sling gets caught on the burner, and he doesn't notice until his arm is ON FIRE.  He goes back into the ER, asks Gallant to help him, but Kerry has to help instead.  Elizabeth assists on the surgery of Luka's little Croatian boy and takes a walk with Dorsett.  Dorsett tries to offer her a ride home, but Elizabeth declines when she sees Romano standing down by the river.  They have a weird little chat -- Romano has decided to amputate his arm, and Elizabeth tries to make him change his mind, but he's awfully stubborn.  Elizabeth's eyes well up with tears as Romano walks away.  (
scene summaries)

9.21  When Night Meets Day
Romano's arm is amputated, and he tells Elizabeth she's "so beautiful" and "I love you, Elizabeth."  *sigh*  (
scene summaries)

9.22  Kissangani
If you like hot and sweaty Carter and Luka, this eppy's for you.  If you like Cordano, you're out of luck.  You won't find them in Africa, where this episode took place.


Season 10

10.1  Now What? 
Elizabeth pops in just long enough to NOT be invisible, and an armless Romano yells at Frank and Kerry.  And he has a beard.  Ew.

10.2  The Lost
A continuation of the Season 9 finale, there's no Cordano.

10.3  Dear Abby
Romano gets a hook prosthetic, which frustrates him but fascinates quite a few children, while Elizabeth goes out for "coffee" with Dorsett.  Ew.

10.4  Shifts Happen
Elizabeth romps with Dorsett again, but decides it's "too soon".  Romano gets his Utah Arm, and it's soooo cool.  I wonder how long it will take him to learn how to flip the bird.  Hee.

10.5  Out of Africa
Romano shows off his Utah Arm, flirts a little with Susan, and sutures a guy's leg.  Elizabeth finds out Dorsett's married and hangs out with Abby.

10.6  The Greater Good
Romano's still nasty to everyone.  He also picks up one of the prettiest puppies ever by the scruff of the neck -- it's so adorable!  Elizabeth gives Abby some surgeon-like advice, "Sometimes being a doctor is about distancing yourself from your patients."  They could put that on Elizabeth's tombstone.

10.7  Death and Taxes
Elizabeth and Luka clash over a patient (again) while Romano's arm has a couple of "electrical malfunctions", resulting in a violent attack from Sam.  She unscrews his Utah Hand and gives it to Susan, who hides it in the tampon machine in the ladies' room.

10.8  Freefall
Chopper comes back with a vengeance, and finishes the job.  RIP, Romano.  Paul McCrane, best wishes for a successful future.

10.9  Missing
Elizabeth organizes a memorial service for Romano, but the only people who bother to show up are two random med students (for the free food) and a white-haired woman we only see from a distance.  Even in the afterlife, Romano get no respect.  :(



Season 11

11.4  Fear 
As a result of performing an organ transplant between HIV-positive patients, Kerry offers Elizabeth a non-tenure track position as an instructor at County rather than reporting her to the state board (where she would likely lose her license).  Elizabeth turns down the offer and Alex Kingston leaves the show with a throwaway mention of how so many of her "friends" (read: Romano) are gone.  Good luck, Alex.  You're better than this.

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