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Season 5 Scene Summaries
The Cordano Love Lounge

Robert, you can't work with anyone.

"Split Second"
Season 5 ~ Episode 2
We discover Romano knows Elizabeth's father - and they don't have the best relationship.  Later, Elizabeth shows Romano up in the OR, and calls him "Robert" for the first time.
Elizabeth is having breakfast at Doc Magoo's with her father and Benton.  Mr. Corday is trying to convince Elizabeth to join his practice - Elizabeth resists, but knows she "can't be so picky".  She tells them, "It's not as if I have other options."  Mr. C glances over at the bar and sees Romano, coat slung over shoulder, ordering his coffee.  "Dahling, isn't that him?  Romano?"  Elizabeth verifies, and tells them he has been leaving her messages - he wants to do an AESOP procedure with him (she is certified to use the robot/laser and he is not) but she's not too keen on the idea.  Mr. C brings out the fighting Brit in her with a little call to action: "I would expect my daughter to go out fighting.  Dive in there!  Impress the [heck] out of Romano.  Make him rue the day he terminated you."  Elizabeth giggles and Benton laughs, while Romano approaches their booth.  "Mr. Corday, what a surprise!  I'll bet you're on your way to UCFS."  The men shake hands and Mr. C rebuffs him, stating, "I came to visit my daughter...while she was still here."  Romano smiles and tries to defend himself.  "Hmmm, well, I'm sorry" (he visibly puffs out his chest) "we were unable to continue the fellowship."  Mr. C is cold in his reply, "I was never fond of her working with you in the first place."  Romano glances at Elizabeth, then smiles at Mr. C, "I recall that."  He turns his attention to Elizabeth and asks if she got his message on assisting with the AESOP surgery.  "Wouldn't miss it," is Elizabeth's breathy reply.  "Although, technically, you'll be assisting me, right?"  Romano laughs uncomfortably and says, "Well, you got me on that one."  Mr. C invites himself to scrub in, and Romano (still smiling uncomfortably), says he would "be honored".
They all AESOP together.  Kinda cool scene.  Not cool enough to recap, though.
Later, Elizabeth and Romano scrub.  Romano smiles a little and says, "Glad I found you."  Elizabeth laments she was on her way out when she got the page.  Romano ignores that and comments on the upcoming procedure, "Not as sexy as our afternoon with AESOP, but hey - even a gangbanger shot in the butt has needs."  Elizabeth bleats that she met him earlier, and Romano offers an unexpected compliment: "You were outstanding with the AESOP today.  Made me rethink my position to let you go."  Elizabeth gets all hopeful.  "Did it?"  Romano beats those hopes down immediately. "I even called upstairs.  Unfortunately, the money's no longer there."  Dissapointed, Elizabeth just offers a soft, "I see."  "Well, maybe you can apply again next year.  Ready?"  Dude, if you want her, you can't build her hopes up and then immediately tear them down.  Not smart.
While they operate on the gangbanger, Elizabeth orders some blue stuff to see if the bullet nicked the ureter.  Romano thinks it missed, but Elizabeth wants to be sure.  Romano makes an interesting little comment: "You know, if you're dreading dinner with your father, there are other ways to delay."  Are you trying to delay her, Robert?  Heh.  Elizabeth retorts that she's looking forward to dinner with her father.  They operate some more and Romano tries to start up some conversation again.  "So, I'll bet your father's eager to have you back.  Did he always want you in his practice?"  Elizabeth replies, "He has made that offer before, yes."  Romano lets that sink in a little, before praising cardio/thorasic work.  "Terrific specialty, the heart.  Very romantic, I've always thought.  But working with a family member..."  He throws in an operating order, then continues, "I couldn't do it, work with family."  Elizabeth retorts, "Robert, you can't work with anyone!"  Romano stares at her with hurt in his eyes, as the nurse points out that the Foley bag is full of blue Kool-Aid.  Or urine, whatever.  Elizabeth gloats that she was right and he was wrong and Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo.  Oh, grow up, Elizabeth.  Romano still stares at her, stinging with her earlier comment.
That night, Elizabeth has dinner with her father, and tells him that she's staying in Chicago - starting over as an intern.  And hooking up with Romano.  Except that last part.  Ah, well.  I can be patient.

I admire your fortitude.  Among other things.

"Vanishing Act"
Season 5 ~ Episode 4
Romano defends Elizabeth against Weasel and offers two compliments.
Elizabeth is assigned to Dale The Weasel, who refuses to treat her specially (even though she's been practicing longer than he has) and repeatedly insults her.  She "knows how to pre-op a patient", thank you.  The final blow is his insistence on her attire.  "Oh, and this is for you.  Interns wear short coats."  Shut up, Dale.  Nobody likes you.  Everybody hates you.  Guess you'll go eat worms.  No?  Too bad.
Later - Weasel, Elizabeth, Benton, and Romano operate.  Weasel commands, "Lizzie, suck out this oozy area, would you?"  Elizabeth shoots him a pointed glare, and says, "If you don't mind, I've never cared for being called 'Lizzie'."  Disbelieving, Weasel retorts, "Really?  Dr. Romano calls you that all the time."  Yeah, but when he does it, it's a term of endearment, not a term of demeanment.  (Is that even a word?  Whatever.)  Benton stops an argument before it starts by quizzing Weasel, who answers incorrectly.  Elizabeth corrects him and she and Benton swap sides of the table - so now she's by her hot little bald man.  The nurse hands Elizabeth two instruments, and Weasel says, "Oops, Lizzie, I think you just contaminated yourself."  Emphatic Elizabeth claims, "I did not!"  Weasel tells her to change gowns anyway, and Elizabeth repeats, "I didn't contaminate myself!"  Rocket to the Rescue!  "I saw it; she's clean."  Elizabeth thanks him, as Romano continues: "so don't pick on her."  Wooo!  Oh, and Dale?  Shut. Up.  Romano makes a mistake here - he dismisses Elizabeth, telling her to "go pacify Greene".  Ew.  No thank you.  So much for happy endings.
Later, in recovery, Romano enters and greets Elizabeth.  They discuss The Unsuccessful Pacification of Greene, then he tenderly asks, "How was your first day?"  "As expected," she lies.  She totally expected preferrential treatment, and Weasel wouldn't give it to her.  Just wait 'til next season, baby.  You'll get the Biggest Promotion Romano can offer.  Anyway, Romano sips his drink and tells her, "You are either a masochist or the stubbornest woman I ever met, but I admire your fortitude.  I couldn't handle taking orders from a weasel like Dale."  Elizabeth looks a little confused.  "Is that supposed to be a compliment?"  Romano, exiting, smiles a little and replies, "Sounded like one to me."  He's almost out the door when he turns around and tells her, "Oh, and you can wear the long coat.  It looks better on you."  Elizabeth looks up in amazement.  Apparently, she takes his advice, because we never see her wear the short coat again.  Foreshadowing, I tell ya. 

She's a what?

Season 5 ~ Episode 5
Not a Cordano scene, but a funny Romano & Benton scene discussing *fantasies* and a note on my favorite Elizabeth scene Ever!
Romano and Benton are operating together.  (Keep in mind Benton and Elizabeth are still dating...)
Romano: So Peter, what do you have planned for Halloween?
Benton: Nothing special.
Romano: I know a motel on Route 22. Jungle themed rooms. Ask for Room 14...hanging vines...You Tarzan, She know what I mean?
It should probably freak me out that Romano knows about this place (and remembers the room number), but it really just cracks me up.  ROTFL, I am.
Romano, Benton, and Weasel operate on Barbie, an 11-year-old with abdominal injuries from a car accident.  They find two rubbery masses and send Elizabeth to the path lab to examine them.  She returns with some interesting news that shocks the OR...Barbie is a boy.  She has "testicular feminization", a genetic condition where she develops outer female reproductive organs, but she has X and Y chromosomes.  Elizabeth and Weasel counsel the parents, and Elizabeth later sits with Barbie as she wakes up in recovery.  Nice bedside manner.
Instead of going to the Jungle Motel, Elizabeth and Benton go on a "hay ride" after work - her singing "Shahft" was hilarious!  Benton makes fun of her because he says she has "no rhythm" with her air tambourine.  (She's right on the beat, so I don't know what his problem is.  She's playing it correctly, too - I was a percussionist for 7 years.  I should know. [/cockiness])  Shut up, Peetah.  She's good.

The Shaft Scenes are definitely worth your time! There's nothing funnier than an old car with hay in the backseat, an 8-track tape player, a faux-Shaft, and a British Heidi cruising Michigan Avenue on Halloween.

"Good Luck, Ruth Johnson"
Season 5 ~ Episode 9
The First Hug
Elizabeth waits for an elevator.  When the doors open, she sees Carter - surrounded by the entire Johnson family - and laughs.  "Don't ask," Carter smiles.  "I won't," Elizabeth smiles back, "but it's the highlight of my day."  She waits for another elevator and is about to board when she hears a familiar voice.  "Lizzie!  Glad to see you're in such good spirits on this, your day of reckoning."  Romano grins at her, and she reassures him, "I'm sure it'll be fine."  "Well, you've got me on your side," he states.  She looks a little confused as she replies, "I didn't think it was a matter of sides - simply an examination of the event."  They nod at each other.  "That's just the attitude to go in with," he muses as the elevator doors close.  "Well, in case we don't see each other again before the conference...well..."  He gathers her closely in a hug, as she clutches the charts to her chest.  Once he releases, she searches his eyes.  "Best of luck," he offers softly.

Trouble in paradise?

"The Miracle Worker"
Season 5 ~ Episode 10
Romano sings to Elizabeth!  Well, sort of...
Elizabeth is talking to Benton in some sort of lounge, where he is wrapping the Christmas gift he bought while they were still dating.  She claims that she is so "desperate not to be alone" on Christmas Eve, that she bought a ticket to the Surgeon's Society Gala...and you won't believe who she's sitting next to.  Romano waltzes in through the double doors behind Elizabeth, and goes from spoken word to singing the Miss America tune with his little, "Hey! Therrrreee she iiisss!"  Benton laughs silently as Romano tells Elizabeth that he "checked it out" and that they definitely have the "coolest table".  He reminds her that the dress code is "semi-formal, so any slinky, black number will do...although, if I may voice a personal preference, short and off-the-shoulder would be ideal." Elizabeth and Benton slyly giggle under their breath as Romano dumps tons of work on Benton and exits, dodging Benton's protests: "I get to have a life, and you get to have a special place in my heart."
Elizabeth never makes it to the Gala...she ends up having dinner with Hot Trumpet Man.  Romano comes back from the party drunk and combative, and ends up taking a swing at Benton.  R & B blackmail each other - Romano's BAL was .12, and Benton operated without an attending.  Whoopee.

You deserve it!

"Double Blind"
Season 5 ~ Episode 12
Another slightly inappropriate comment, but it's so entertaining!
Elizabeth the Intern supervises Lucy the Med Student as she takes a really nasty out of a patient's chest.  Romano enters and greets the pair, and makes a gallant remark to Elizabeth:  "I insisted that you get a decent student; I knew you needed backup for the scut."  Why did she need backup for the scut?  So she could assist him on a choledochojejunostomy, of course!  Elizabeth is surprised, and repeats, "Choledochojejunostomy?"  Romano looks all provocative.  "Well, you can say it.  Do you want to do it?"  Heh.  Sure she does!  Oh, you mean the surgery. 
Elizabeth half-smiles, "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."  "No, no catch.  You've suffered enough."  He starts to walk out of the room, but pauses to add, "I started the groundwork today to see if we can't get your fellowship reinstated.  You deserve it."  Elizabeth looks up as he exits, and breathes, "I'll be [darned]."

I'll take over.

Season 5 ~ Episode 20
Please stay, Lizzie...
Elizabeth sits in Recovery, bagging Laurie.  Romano enters, stirring his coffee.  Still no power, but plenty of sparks!  "Well done, Doctor Corday," he offers.  Elizabeth pauses and returns his smile, "Thank you."  Romano takes a deep breath.  "I'd be remiss if I didn't say this, especially after today.  You are an exceptional surgeon.  It would be tragic for you to waste your talents on a trauma fellowship."  Elizabeth looks up, shocked, as the words rush out of Romano's mouth, "Let me finish."  Huge Pause.  "Now, I'm aware you don't relish working with me.  I mean, your face I can't resist."  Big Pause as this comment sinks into Elizabeth's heart forever.  Romano continues, "But know this - I would do anything in my power to help you stay in surgery...including making myself as scarce as possible."  Elizabeth smiles and laughs, "Appreciate that."  Romano grins.  "Think about it."  He then walks over, tells her he'll take over bagging, and takes her chair as she walks out.  She glances over her shoulder at him and he returns the gaze.  In the dark.  (Thoughts wandering...)

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