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Elizabeth Screen Caps
The Cordano Love Lounge


I save this "Come Hither" look for you, Robert...

From USA Today

Heidi and Shaft!

I wouldn't need to pay.  You'd give it to me.

Aren't I pretty, Mummy?

What?  You want to kiss me?  Okay!

At the batting cages...

Thank you, Robert.

Is he here?

This is my beautiful baby!

Mahk is dying!  Wheeee!


He's so cute.

Walk Like A Man - 1

Where, oh where has Romaaano gone?

I'm gonna make Kerry cry now.

Shut. Up. Kerry.

I have to pretend like I don't care...

Aw, crap.  I'm being paged.  : - (

C'mon, pull yourself together.

HIM, my Parkinson's student!

Pucker up! Oh, wait. She's not talking to Romano.

I don't really care for the hairy ones!

Nice eyes, but I don't care for the hairy ones.

Sure Susan, you're welcome to him!

Shut UP, Pratt.

Hmmm...Gallant is Gorgeous, but Pratt is a Brat.

Awww...she loves him!


Look at the pretty Ella!



Luka?  Babysit Ella?  "Over my dead body!"

Eye Candy tastes good, but it's too hairy.


Bye, Fast Eddie!  I'm off to play with a Rocket.

No, don't cry!  He loves you!

Rohbut is making me cry...

I'll be there, Robert!

From the season 10 promo

Hey, there she is!  For two whole seconds.

From the promo for 10.3

From the promo for 10.3