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Season 4 Scene Summaries
The Cordano Love Lounge

You...uh...You want to come along?

"Do You See What I See?"
Season 4 ~ Episode 10
Romano asks Elizabeth to accompany him to a Christmas party.
Elizabeth is standing at the desk outside the SICU, when Romano waltzes up. "Lizzie?" She looks up and smiles a little. "I thought you'd be somewhere over the Atlantic by now." He's standing on the other side of the desk from her now, and she looks at him and smiles. "Uh, slight change of plans." Romano gets all concerned, and asks, "I didn't make you miss your flight, did I?" "No, no. I just decided I'll be spending Christmas in Chicago after all." Romano gets all happy, but hides it well. "Awesome!" is his reply.

Now the funny part: Romano opens his suit coat, flasher-style, showing off his festive tie and suspenders. "I'm on my way to a party..." he leads. Elizabeth laughs, probably at the horrid suspenders he is wearing, while Romano walks around the corner of the desk so he's standing in front of her. "A friend of mine is renting out the entire top floor of the Prudential building. You, want to come along?" he asks, all seductively. Elizabeth smiles, and says, "Thank you, but no. I'm waiting on a head and neck consult." "Ah, the Bowmont girl." Romano replies, seductive voice intact. Elizabeth notices, and moves the conversation along, "Yes, I'm afraid her vocal chords might be paralyzed."

Romano reaches up and strokes the AIDS Awareness red ribbon on her lapel, as he says, "Well, don't hold any breath on the consult, that is. He's probably on the way to a party somewhere himself." "Just the same," she smiles. (Romano has me in wide-eyed amazement at this point) "Well, maybe New Year's Eve," he hints. He just wants to smooch her at midnight. Elizabeth's face goes from astonished to smiling, and she nods, "Mmmm, Lovely."

You have my home number, right?

"Shades of Gray"
Season 4 ~ Episode 19
Romano asks Elizabeth out for a drink after work.

Romano makes a dash around a paramedic to catch up to Elizabeth as she leaves for the day.  "Lizzie, I uh, I just wanted to apologize for the way I spoke in the Beaumont surgery."  He pulls his green surgical cap off, just in case she wants to impulsively kiss his little bald pate.  "I know she means a lot to you and I uh, I just hope you'll forgive me."  "Of course," Elizabeth cordially replies.  "It's been a crazy day for all of us."  They stop in front of the elevator, and Romano stammers a little before telling her that he is off in about an hour, and asks her out for a drink.  Elizabeth is visibly exhausted, and says, "Look, I'm knackered.  Any other day, okay?"  Hey, she's a poet and she didn't know it.  And what the heck is "knackered"?  Anyway, Romano gets all cute as he holds the elevator door open for her and tells her, "I understand.  Look, if you change your mind, you have my home number?"  "Yes I do," she grins, as the elevator doors slide shut.  Too bad this didn't amount to anything. I would have LOVED to see his face when he answered the telephone, and it was his Lizzie.  Mmmm...


"Of Past Regret and Future Fear"
Season 4 ~ Episode 20
Romano asks Elizabeth to lunch, then out on a Real Date.

Elizabeth boards the elevator as we hear Romano call out, "Hold the elevator!"  He hops in and asks her, "Going down?"  "Up, actually," is her reply.  "Up's fine."  Heh.  He just wanted to be with her in an empty elevator.  Romano presses the floor button for her as Elizabeth observes that she is "surprised to see you here on a Sunday."  "Well, I'm just full of surprises."  Yeah, and he's about to spring one on her.  He comments on their work ethic, and says, "In fact, Lizzie, it's about time you and I had a little sit-down."  Elizabeth asks if there is a problem, and he replies, "No, no problem.  Let me buy you lunch?"  She is still concerned, and asks, "Is it about the HemoAid study?"  "That...and the future."  Elizabeth says that's fine, and they agree to meet an hour later.  Woo!  Talking about their future!


At Doc Magoo's, they sit side-by-side at the counter, both a little on edge.  Romano rubs his hands together, and tries to start a conversation.  "So" he leads, and she echoes his "So" but adds a nice little smile.  Romano stares over at her and asks, "Enjoying your year here?"  Elizabeth just stares down and tells her clasped hands, "it's been educational".  Romano asks if she has "thoughts of staying, come fall?"  Elizabeth says, "I've entertained the idea."  Romano is pleased, but shows off his deficient social skills as he just responds, "Good."  He picks up the creamer on the counter and sniffs it, as Elizabeth asks, "Is this what you wanted to talk about?"  He stalls, "No, not exactly."  Oh, just say it.  Elizabeth looks over at him and questions, "Must I guess?"  Heh. 

Romano makes some assorted nervous noises before speaking: "Well, there's no way to say this but flat out, so here goes.  Lizzie, our relationship has not moved in a direction I would have liked.  Now partly, that's because I have trouble communicating these types of feelings, but the fact is...I find you very attractive."  Elizabeth mumbles something incoherent, as the waitress places two cups of tea before them.  Romano asks her to let him finish.  "Now I don't know what your long-term plans are, and I'm not foolish enough to believe colleagues can have a relationship without entanglements, but we obviously have a lot of common interests, and we share the same insane work schedule, and makes sense.  So, I would really like you to consider a date.  Going out with me.  On a date.  What do you say?" 

He nervously opens his tea bag, as Elizabeth stammers, "I'm flattered, and shocked."  Romano is a little disbelieving.  "Really, I would have thought you could see right through me."  "No, not at all," she makes a little nervous "heh" sound before continuing, "However, uh, seeing as I do work for you, I don't think it would be such a good idea."  Romano keeps his eyes on her face, but she talks to her tea.  "Oh," he replies, all disappointed.  Elizabeth reassures him (and us!), by saying, "Not that under other circumstances..."  "Oh, oh, oh, I see.  You have a policy."  Elizabeth is relieved, "Yes."  Romano continues, "No fraternization with people at work.  Well, I can respect that.  Uh, just pretend I never said anything."  Mournfully, Elizabeth apologizes and Romano makes all kinds of uncomfortable noises before telling her, "I had to give it a shot."  They both laugh nervously, and Romano ends the scene by commenting, "You know, it's funny.  There for a while I really thought I was competing with Peter Benton."  Only this time, he's the only one laughing.  Poor Rocket.

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