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Season 10 Scene Summaries
The Cordano Love Lounge
Look!  Elizabeth showed up for...two seconds.

"Now What?"
Season 10 ~ Episode 1
Elizabeth plays in a trauma, and Romano yells at Frank and Kerry.  It's all bad.
Elizabeth pops into Trauma Yellow, where Neela (the new med student) is stabilizing an open pelvic fracture on a patient who is bleeding out.  Elizabeth asks what's going on, who Neela is, and whether she's from the East End.  I can't tell if Elizabeth made a crack at her or if she's honestly trying to make a connection. 
So anyway, the patient's in trouble.  Chen and Pratt run in, and Elizabeth exclaims over the fact that the patient isn't stable anymore.  She's not very friendly or happy here -- maybe she hasn't had her Rocket refueling today.  Chen sends Neela running for the labs, and Elizabeth says she'll prep for a mini-lap.  (If you care, the patient had "an autoimmune hemolytic anemia".)  Bye, Elizabeth.  See you in 10.3.

[sing to the tune of "Mighty Mouse"]  Here he comes, to save the day!
That's right, ladies and gents, our favorite Boy in Blue steps off the elevator, left sleeve of scrub coat pinned up.  "What the [heck] is going on down here?" he bellows.  "Nice to see you, Dr. Romano," Gallant calls over his shoulder.  I love Gallant.  Romano asks Frank who Neela is, and Frank offers A TON of his typical racist remarks.  Shut up, Frank.  I hate you.
"How's the arm?" he asks Rocket.  "Gone, how's the prostate?" Romano retorts.  I'll spare you the details of Frank's response, until the end, when he tacks on, "What's with the beard?"  "I hear the ladies like it.  Who's bright idea was all this, anyway?" he replies, motioning to all the construction in the ER.  He rounds the desk and breezes past a frightened-looking Chen, who sounds surprised when she says, "Dr. Romano, you're back."  "Yeah, try to hide your wild enthusiasm at my return; I find overt displays of emotion embarassing."  Hee.  At least he's still funny.  He tells someone at the desk to page Kerry for him.
We pick up Romano's next scene in the middle of an argument with Kerry, where he's talking about surgery and "paying customers".  "That's not your concern anymore," she tells him.  He calls the department a "money pit" and Kerry reminds him that more and more people come in every day, and they're "legally obligated to treat them".  Romano has a classic response: "Which is why we should grab some wood, nail the entrance shut, and paint 'GO AWAY' in big letters."  Heh.  Good idea.

"Dear Abby"
Season 10 ~ Episode 3
Romano gets a hook, argues with Kerry, and watches Elizabeth flirt it up with Dorsett.  It is not a happy day.
Elizabeth is filling out some paperwork at the desk, wearing this horrible blue smocked librarian blouse, as Romano comes 'round.  "Lizzie!  Burning the midnight oil?"  "Not if I can help it," she replies cordially.  They look each other over for a split-second, and Elizabeth continues, "How are you doing?"  "Very well, thanks," he smiles.
Then Dorsett approaches.  "Is this where all the cool kids hang out?"  "Not if we can help it," Elizabeth grins.  That means the area is much less cool now that Dorsett joined them, right?  Anyway, Elizabeth and Dorsett flirt it up, and Romano just steps back and watches from afar.  It's sad, really.  Poor guy.
She digs her purse from under the desk and breezes out, "G'night, Robert!"  "Elizabeth," he replies, with much pain in his voice.  He watches them leave together, almost imperceptibly nodding his head in acquiesance of their togetherness.  Then he throws his hook through the window separating Traumas Green and Yellow.  Maybe that will get him a Utah Arm. 

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