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Season 7 Scene Summaries
The Cordano Love Lounge

You look beautiful, Elizabeth.

"April Showers"
Season 7 ~ Episode
Elizabeth's wedding day -- and Mahk is missing.
Elizabeth and her parents sit in the bride's waiting room of the church, when Romano sticks his head in and grins, "Is this a private party?"  Elizabeth smiles.  "Mummy, Daddy, I think you know Dr. Romano?"  Mr. C wisely keeps his mouth shut as Mrs. C looks Romano's way and says, "Yes, I believe you were operating on a dog last time we met."  Uh, oh.  Don't dis the dog.  "That's right," Romano retorts, "You were in town for an astrology conference."  "Astronomy," Mrs. C corrects. 
Romano is unfazed.  "Well, anyway, I don't want to break up this love fest.  I guests are getting ready to EAT each other out there.  Now, I have 50 bucks Greene will be a no-show," he taunts.  Elizabeth stands in shock. "Robert..."  "Unfortunately, we just heard from the ER and it seems that your ex-boyfriend and your future hubby decided to play paramedic on the way to the church," Romano explains.  "He's with Pee-ter," Elizabeth breathes, as Romano continues.  "Not anymore.  Greene is still out there, saving some pregnant woman, or something."  Fire breathes out of Elizabeth's nostrils.  "What?"  Back to soothing tones, Romano exposits, "Sufficeth to say, if you give him a few more minutes, [taps his chest with his fingertips] I'm going to lose that bet."  Mr. C grins at Elizabeth, as Romano smiles and moves to leave.
Romano pauses at the door.  "Oh, and...uh... [deep breath]  You look beautiful, Elizabeth."  She looks utterly thrilled at the compliment, and sincerely offers, "Thank you, Robert."  "Greene's a lucky man."  "I know."  Romano smiles at Elizabeth again, then at each of her parents, and exits.

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