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Season 8 Screen Caps
The Cordano Love Lounge

So Close...

Look at me, Robert!

Babcock, she told you to leave, now BACK OFF!!!

Cute skirt, Lizzie.

Something's going on.

Mmmm, the first lounge scene...

Prince Harry in rehab again?

Mahk is dying.  Again.

What am I supposed to do?

Then you know what you have to do.

I am serious. Please? Then I can come back to you.

You *are* coming to Jamaica with me, right?

It's okay - he won't be bothering you again.

I'm going to throw this pager in the river.

Step into my office, Sweetie.

Are you crying?  There's no crying in baseball!

Spill it, Lizzie.

I'm listening.

Do you love him?

Robert, I need a month off to watch Mahk die...

Is there anything I can do?

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