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Alex Kingston & Paul McCrane
The Cordano Love Lounge

 Have you ever noticed how Alex Kingston and Paul McCrane seem to gravitate towards each other?  Maybe TPTB will start paying attention soon...

Thanks, Mariana!
At the People's Choice Awards

All Huggy at the 2000 TVGuide Awards

More Huggin' at the 2000 TV Guide Awards

Season 6 Cast Picture

All over each other in the Oval Office

At NBC's 75 Year Anniversary Party

See? She WANTS to be near him, but that pesky pair, AE and JM, are in the way! says "Romano Luvs Lizzie"

Season 8 Cast Picture -- Stand Up, Elizabeth!

See how she wrote all over his chest and shoulder? It's meant to be, I tell ya. Meant. To. Be.

Do you have an Alex Kingston & Paul McCrane picture?