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Paul McCrane Screen Caps
The Cordano Love Lounge

Hypnotic Eyes

Evil Emil in "Robocop"

From the Earth to the Moon...

The whole family!

Touched by an Angel named Mariana!

At Sid Caesar's 80th Birthday Party

From the made-for-TV-movie, "With Murder in Mind"

As a Celebrity Bingo Ball Caller in LA

At the 2002 ER CAN Golf Classic with Anthony Edwards

At the 2002 ER CAN Golf Classic with AE and Goran Visnjic

At the 2002 ER CAN Golf Classic with AE and GV

Thanks, Mariana!
At the premiere of Vanilla Sky

At the ER 200th Episode Celebration

Another "Insomnia" pic!

I Love Mariana!
At the 2002 premiere of "Insomnia"

Pic from the CD jacket of the rereleased Fame CD!

Monty sings MY body electric in "Fame"!

PM's Serious 'Fro in the movie "Fame"


Paul McCrane and Sharif Atkins with some NBC Dude at the LA Screenings Gala in May 2002

PM with Dr. Klapper, the ER Technical Advisor